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Author Name: Rich Lubbock

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My heart rate used to increase every month after getting the abnormal electricity bills. I used to look for walls to bang my head rather than to shout at the members of my family for negligence. It is a simple thing to switch off the lights, the heater or the air conditioner when one leaves a room. However unfortunately, people are either careless or forgetful. We are all rushing to make time these days and often we rush forgetting about the electricity bill until the day comes when we have to hand over all those dollars we could save if we were a bit careful.

Over the years, I have been wondering how much money we all waste due to inflated bills. However, we can keep aside the fault of those big companies that are generating and distributing power or gas to us. They have their own production and supply costs to fill our needs.

I used to dream of the day when the government could provide us with free supplies of the basic things. Of course this is sheer madness. But still, what if I could generate my own power in my backyard or in my garage? Looks like another guy has already thought about this fact.

Well, he was forced by life’s circumstances to do so. I did not have to work so hard because I was not in a dire need. I just went ahead and bought his guide. Once I installed the kit as he specified, my bills began going down significantly.

When did I buy the Electricity Freedom System?

I did not buy it during the winter when the house needed heating or during the summer when we needed air conditioning. A friend of my neighbour bought it. And I bought it when my neighbor narrated his story to me but was skeptical to buy it himself. Now that I bought it, he is off to the store to purchase some odds and ends to make his little generator of Electricity Freedom. I found most of the parts in the endless junk we keep in the garage.

Electricity Freedom System

How simple things actually are?

We usually spend truckloads of money when we can get solutions with simpler means. I remember how we made a water filter out of nothing but stones, pebbles and sand when I was back in school. The water was as good as bottled mineral water. I have heard of lots of stories around making fuel with water, with corn, and what not. I thought that I could try buying this product, and see how things go.

What is the principle behind this fuel generation?

This product simply works on the fact that there is photosynthesized energy out there for us to use. As per the manufacturer, one pound of plant based-material may yield up to three hours of electricity for your home. However, this is a generalization and a lot depends on your exact usage and the size of the house along with the number of inhabitants.

Every day, we dump loads of wasted food, weeds, weeds and plant cuttings, dried flowers, etc. from our garden into those dumpsters. All you have to do is put this kind of bio-waste into this tool to get electricity or gas. All it needs is a plug-in to your supplies and you do not have to worry about the mounting bills anymore. But I do not mean that you can waste this “free” energy since both electricity and gas are easily available just after setting up this system. You may help others build a similar system and even “donate” the fallen leaves in your garden to bring smiles to someone’s family.

What are the Advantages?

The greatest advantage is that it is very environment-friendly. You can also save the environment by not dumping piles of waste in it. Electricity Freedom System is so efficient that it does not generate any smoke or other wastes. Moreover, you can save a lot of money since your electricity bills get reduced.

Another advantage of this system is that you hardly need to maintain it once it is installed. It took about 3 hours for me to build it with things available in my garage. Do not worry even if you do not have everything. You can always purchase the tools and materials in about $200 and it will serve you for a lifetime. The good news is that you can always return the system in 60 days upon purchase if you are not satisfied with it.

I do not think that you will find some reasons to send it back and get the money you invested. It does the job as it says. Also, there is free lifetime support to make you satisfied with this product.


The way it gives me the peace of Mind

Two “Ws” – waste and water are what the system guzzles. It breaks down your plant-based material into electricity or gas based on the amount you put in. Soon, all those power-related worries become a thing of the past. So if there is a power-grid failure, you no longer need to worry about it. Even the thunderstorms testing the electricity cables of your city will be something you don’t need to care for. You will have home-made electricity or gas and thus you will be safe from these risks.

The product can make a lot of electricity with a pound of biodegradable junk and one and a half gallon of water. The detailed list of all the material that could be used is given with the package.

I spend most weekends doing gardening now to enjoy the time. My garden yields truckloads of fallen leaves, dry branches, weeds and twigs, rotten or spoilt fruits and a huge pile of flowers. So now I do not have to worry about where to dispose them of and I have a better bank balance as my electricity bills are reduced.

  • Is it hard to Build?

No, it is actually super easy to build. You do not need heavy tools or several men to help you out. All you need to do is look into the guide that has clear instructions, blueprints and illustrations. If you do not even have so much patience to look through it all, just watch a video. This video demonstrates how this guy has built it and then just copy it.

  • Where can you keep it?

You can place it anywhere you want. It has the size of a writing table, so you can push it into any corner. All you have to do is plug it into your gas or electric supply.

  • Is it Safe?

Most people get worried while trying new appliances. But you do not have to worry about starting fire and calling fire stations for assistance with the Electricity Freedom System. This tool uses the junk pile but never creates any, leave alone dangerous fumes or fire. The first time when I got it, I began wondering if it works at all. This is because it scarcely had any moving parts and did not let out any steam. But it did work pretty well after the set up. There is no fire hazard or shock hazard. So yes, in short, it is safe for use.

Which components can you get when you will buy it?

All you will get is a guide with clear instructions, illustrations and a video on how to make it on your own. You will get nothing else, because you do not need anything more. All you have to do is collect some odds and ends to make it, and go around and collect some material to use as the raw input.

This will be something you can easily download from their website and thus all you need is an internet connection.

I simply paid by my card, downloaded the product, watched the video and built it. I had the basic materials needed to build the kit at my home right in my garage. The raw materials needed to generate the fuel came in right from my garden. And after investing 5 hours for setting up the system, I am now saving around $180 every month.

What are the better Alternatives?

The most commonly tried and trusted alternative to the Electricity Freedom System is the solar power. But it needs considerable investment to set up the solar panels. Also, if you live in an area where the Sun always plays hide and seek, I doubt if you will be able to get much out of it.

So I suggest you to stick to this amazing system. Also, unlike other installations which carry only a limited warrantee, this one comes with a lifetime warranty and support. I am yet to approach for help but at least, that is what the product says it comes with.


Word of Caution:

Please do not pluck those lovingly planted dandelions from people’s gardens unless you want to be sued by them for trespassing and spoiling their properties.


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